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Glory to God, who's power working in us can do infinitely more than we can ask or Imagine....

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Location: Kalagala, Uganda

Saturday, September 23, 2006

My arrival at Fisher Branch Kalagala High School was a most beautiful and blessed day! I was finally reaching my destination, after all this time and all this travel...I was happy to arrive. Little did I know that I would be formally welcomed to the school!! By the students and other Teachers and Headmaster of the school! There was a big assembly and A young girl greeted me and welcomed me to the school and then placed over my hear and wound my neck a HUGE wreath of fresh flowers picked and created by the children of the school in anticipation of my arrival! I was moved to tears.... The headmaster announced my arrival and told everyone my full name before the choir came out and sang and sang songs of welcome to me! This beautiful group of children, singing my name in their welcome song! I was moved to tears..... I was then presented with more flowers and formally welcomed by on of the students...I was moved to tears...It was my turn then and I stood in front of this vast group of the most beautiful children with shining eyes and large smiles...And I was moved to tears....I spoke of Canada, of all of you - my friends and family - of all the love that is directed at the school from across the ocean...And again, the tears flowed freely down my face. I then presented the school with gifts I had brought for them and cheers filled the air as I emptied my small sack .... More tears.... One final word of greeting from the headmaster, the children came up to receive their gifts and I was formally "at home" at Fisher Branch Kalagala High School. I went from there with a full heart, hardly able to breathe or speak....Can my heart grow any bigger?

There is a beauty here - a beauty that comes from the tangible awareness of our mortality and the thankfulness every day to be alive...So be joyous, be thankful, show love. Everyday in life, is a gift.

"Live to the point of tears." -Camus

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My Journey to Uganda was Long (three days) but went smoothly...I was blessed with wonderful people to help me and who talked with me, and who spent time with me as we waited for out flights...I must say thank you to Les, David, Julie and Naomi for your beautiful, open personalities and kindness. Thanks also to God, for guiding me safely across the ocean, across the continent of Africa, and into the safe arms of my new country - Uganda.

I stepped off the plane into the darkness of Uganda before the sun spills over the horizon and brings with it the heat of the day. In this darkness, as I walked acroos the tarmack, I could not see any of my new home...oh but I could smell it! Imagine what the earth must have smelled like on the day of it's creation...deep, dark, moist, rich earth...clean, pure, unspoiled by man. The air was damp, the smell was of the earth, our earth...the way she must have smelled on the day God called her into being. It was familiar to me, in a strange way, maybe far back in the memory of my blood...i recognized the earth from which Adam was formed. I have never experienced an aroma quite like this and I feel my words fly away like dust as I try to describe it.

So I am now in my Fourth day in much has happened, I have observed more than my brain can process, I have no words to properly describe all that I have seen without writing a short novel. I was not prepared for the reality of Africa, and though I have come to be comfortable here in the past few days...I was quite overwelmed upon arrival and literally felt like a fish out of water, to use an old cliche'.

The people here are wonderful and i have been continually blessed with their willingness to help me to understand, to help me to find my way, to help me to know what and how to eat! I am like a little baby again, learning the ways of this life...the culture of my new land. When I came to my host house, I heard "welcome home" and it has felt like that...i am welcome, i am welcome to create for myself a place to learn and grow, a place to give and to share - a place of safety...a sanctuary.

Next time I write I will describe some of the things I have seen...for now I will let them perculate ... I am safe, I am happy. I am challenged and I am growing - I can feel it!!

I also feel the love that flows to me across these many miles from my true home...and I am blessed...I am blessed.

Monday, September 11, 2006

i woke up this moring and savoured the luxury of my own bed.... just few minutes longer. Then the reality, that i am leaving today, sunk slowly through the sleepy morning haze of my mind - my heart began to beat faster - today is the day!

A huge thank you to everyone who has made me feel so loved and blessed and prayed for as I leave on this exciting journey! Please pray for safe travel and smooth transitions at the airports...thank you.

I carry each hug and encouraging word with me, close to my heart, to my new continent. SO many blessings, my cup runneth over...