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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ugandan English 101

Coming to Uganda not knowing the local language has certainly been a challenge, but even the English spoken here has taken some getting used to...

To give someone a "push" - to walk with someone to where they are going
Organize your bones and get moving - stop procrastinating
You are lost! - Where have you been? I haven't seen you for awhile!
They will drink you! - You are beautiful!
You are smart! - You are dressed SO nice!
To shift - to move from one home into another
To move - To walk
Are you there? Are we together? - Do you understand what I'm saying?
You've taken a long time minus coming- You haven't come by in a long time
I love you beyond- I love you more than I can say
Do you get? - do you understand?
Those ends- wherever you are ie. How are things those ends?
For me I don't want- I don't like that
Sleep did not touch my eyes - I did not sleep well
Out - anywhere outside of Uganda ie. studying from out
This side - Uganda
That side - The West (North America)
Do you hear that? - Do you smell that?
You have become used-you are now used to something
How is there? - How are things wherever you came from?
How is here? - How are things around this place?
I am not fine - I am sick or something is wrong
I am a little bit fine - I am feeling a bit sick
I am somehow fine - I am okay
She doesn't eat anything with blood- she is a vegetarian
Do you fear?- Are you afraid?
For me I don't fear- I am not afraid
A little bit big - medium
Big, big- very big
Small, small - very small
Good time - (said on departure) Have a good day, evening, or whatever you are doing
Flu is catching me - I think I'm getting the flu
My stomach is biting me - I have a stomach ache
These people are not serious- they are just fooling around
A shortcall - to urinate
I am feeling weak - I may be getting sick
Well done!- a greeting, saying hello
The train can be backed up - you will change your mind
I have ever been there - I have been there
I have ever done that - i have done that
Can it be? - Is it true?
Sample us something - Sing or dance for us
Reading - studying
you come and we go - Let's go!
Snaps - Photos
If my hair was as soft as yours, people would eat it like food - your hair is very soft
You are going to laugh your tongue out! - You will laugh SO hard!
Check - take a look at this! Listen to this!
...And Kind of stuff -...and stuff like that
Well Be Back - Welcome back
To chase someone from somewhere - to kick them out, to fire them
I slept late - I went to bed late last night
Ramshackled food - food that didn't turn out the way it should


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