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Sunday, March 18, 2007

After the serious tone to some of my other entries...I thought I'd tell a story that may result in a few chuckles, giggles or laughter...I believe there will be some smiles at least!

One night this week (Thursday) around 9pm, I went to our washroom to relieve i finished, I heard some extra splashing in the toilette water...hmmmmmm,no real concern at this point,just confusion...I stoodup and turnedto see an UGLY, BUMPY Monster-faced Brown and red LIZARD staring up at me from the toilette bowl!!! WHOA!! I stepped back to process the mind was filled with scenes from movies like Species, Alien, Gremlins and TV shows like "V - the final battle"(from the 80's) and that X-files episode where a giant lamprey-like creature was stalking people from the sewage systems!! I ran to get my camera and take some photos of this hideous peeping-Tom!
Now - the dilemma I was facing was, what to do with our Goulie? My first thought was to try and flush him..but he was too big, and maybe he'd just come back!! Plus...I've peed on him and now he is surely angry and ornery, no one wants to touch him!!
I went to inform Rebecca of our slimy visitor...trouble was, we both fear the creepy crawler, but we needed him out of there!! What to do??
"Get a bucket," I said.
"and the Panga," she said," and a long stick!"
We sprang into action, and as we ran around gathering our "weapons" and planning how to rid ourselves of Mr. Wart-Face Ugly-Pants...he just floated patiently...waiting for his revenge!
Okay - we were ready, an old blue bucket 1/4 full of water, one long Panga(machete) curved at one end, and one long stick. I positioned the bucket to catch Slippery McSlitherton, and Rebecca used the Panga and stick as tongs to pinch and grab Creepy-Claws and try to drop him in the bucket...
First try - he wriggled free - SPLOOSH!! Back in the toilette!!
Second try - Again squirm, slither - KER PLOP!!
Our Third try had the charm and SPLISH SPLASH - he was taking a bath in the blue bucket. We laughed and breathed a deep sigh of relief.....TOO SOON!!Toad-Face-Gollum was clambering up the side of the pail and trying to escape!! His back hunched, his long claws scraping!! We shrieked and laughed and Rebecca shoved him back into the water with the stick!

Okay...holding him down with the stick and running through the house with the pail,laughing and freaking out, we rushed out into the compound and dumped our uninvited guest in the grass! He scurried away into the darkness, not being able to see him freaked us out and we hurried back inside...ahhhhhhhhhh safe at last!

Needless to say, NEVER again will I sit on that toilette without checking it for visitors first!!

"Don't take life too seriously, You'll never get out alive!" -Bugs Bunny


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